Service Center

At Interior Beverage a key differentiator of ours is, we service what we sell!

We've got you covered

Equipment Service Center

With two full-service shops and five full time technicians, we consider our customers to be partners and, therefore, important that we are entrusted to look after the equipment we sell you.

If our in-house staff cannot fix or maintain your equipment, then we have a full line of sub contacts who can. For all your service needs please email [email protected] or call the front desk at 250-491-9266

If you’ve got “Service” questions, we’ve got answers!

Carolyn’s favorite beverage is water. Good, clean, cold Dasani water. Minimum 8 glasses per day. Damn, that’s healthy.

Carolyn Warniski

Dispatch Manager


Our Commercial Coffee Partners

If it’s coffee related, we’ve got the product, part or solution for your needs!