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Meet The iBev Team

Starting a business is one thing. Staying in business for over 35 years is another. It takes fully engaged, skillful employees, a drive to exceed customer needs and the desire to foster relationships.

At Interior Beverage these 3 measures of success, start and finish with:

Ken Millen

Ken’s favorite beverage is original Coke. Not diet Coke. Not Coke Zero.

From a glass bottle, poured over plenty of ice. No garnish. A couple of Cokes per week is just right.

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Natalia Siegner

Office Manager
Natalia’s favorite beverage is wine, and her favorite pairing is with friends.

Red, white, or rosé. Only after 5pm. And definitely on Fridays.

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Brandon Miller

Draft Beer Equipment
Brandon is hard pressed to name just one beverage.

The right place, the right time, the right company will dictate the right beverage.

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Simon Kelly

Restaurant Equipment
Simon likes his bourbon neat. In the evening after a busy day.

A chef in a former life, Simon knows his way around a fine beverage.

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Brad Krauza

Account Manager
Looking forward to exploring all the beverages the Interior has to offer.

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Kelly Annis

National Account Espresso
Kelly’s favorite beverage is a can of Budweiser. Served ice-cold.

Kelly’s not fancy. He’s old school. And doesn’t like change.

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Carolyn Warniski

Dispatch Manager
Carolyn’s favorite beverage is water. Good, clean, cold Dasani water.

Minimum 8 glasses per day. Damn, that’s healthy.

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Angela Lwowski

Customer Service
Angela's favorite beverage could be beer on a hot day. But it could also be red wine with a nice meal.

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Julie Bowden

Service Tech
A fresh brewed cup of coffee in the morning. Nothing could be better. Love it.

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