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Jockey Boxes & Party Pumps​

Portable and more economical ways to move your brew are Jockey Boxes and Party Pumps.

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Jockey Boxes & Party Pumps

Our jockey boxes are made from quality picnic coolers professionally converted into a keg dispenser using a cooling coil. This flash chiller quickly cools down your beer as you pour. Our jockey boxes use all the same high-quality components as a full size kegerator, just easier to move. Ideal for tail gating, picnics, or back yard BBQs.

Party pumps are the most economical way to draw your draft. Our line of party pumps come equipped with a standard coupler, plastic hose, and stainless-steel pump. These pumps use oxygen to dispense your draft, so your beer will go flat in a day or two. To keep it fresh longer, you’ll need a portable beer gas (link) system.

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