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Draft Beer Systems Design & Consultation

We’ll help you Dream it, Build it, and Maintain it. We’ll even help you dispense the beer properly, bringing your draft beer to life.

Cheers to Beers

Draft Beer Systems Design & Consultation

Craft breweries may be new on the scene in the Okanagan, but they’re not new to us. We know that a great brew house begins with a great idea. We also know your brew house is the heart and soul of your pub.

Thinking of a bespoke classic old-world design with your equipment on display? Or a sleek contemporary build with the tower and cooling systems behind the scenes? Or a unique combination of the two. Let us help, from concept to celebration.

If you’ve got “Beer” questions, we’ve got answers!

Brandon is hard pressed to name just one beverage. The right place, the right time, the right company will dictate the right beverage.

Brandon Miller

Director of Draught Beer

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If it’s beer related, we’ve got the product, part or solution for your needs!