Dinnerware to Dishwashers. Freezers to Food Warmers. A Story About Food.

At first glance you may think this is a ramble about great restaurant equipment. Appliances, food preservers and dishes. And while I love those things and sell those things, that’s not what this is about. It is much more than that. It is a story of food, food preparation, and people (with a sprinkle about resiliency strategy.) And how when those three things come together, we tap into a deeper shared connection. Food is an important part of our human story.

Before joining the iBev team, I spent several years of my career as a chef. I’m familiar with the struggles the past two years have presented to restauranteurs and caterers. I know from our conversations, how many of you remodelled your space to adhere to reduced seating restrictions, adapted for take away meals and continue to deal with a staffing crisis. It has been a perfect storm of challenges for food service professionals. Many of you have powered through and sadly, many have not. In my role as Food Service & Product Specialist at iBev, I offer you my respect and admiration.

At iBev, we have made great strides to continue to be there as your local supplier of all things front of house and back. We have broadened our access to equipment and supplies to allow you a more streamlined ordering practice and delivery schedule. If we have rental or loaner equipment that you need, you know we will be there for you. iBev will manage the supply chain hiccups, keep you posted of any shipping delays and help you find a solution to your problem. At iBev we pride ourselves on answering our phones promptly and personally.

Food and food preparation has the power to be a common denominator- bringing people together for a moment of rest and nourishment. High quality, dependable, restaurant equipment is simply an ingredient. One I know all about and would be excited to talk to you about.

Now, go break some bread with your customers

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