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We proudly represent Heartland Waffles, providing full-service programs to hotels, restaurants, universities and other fresh-meal establishments across British Columbia. Our waffle bakers and waffle mixes are created to ensure a great experience for your customers and a more profitable product for you.

We’ve grown our business by providing all of our customers with quality service and convenience through our Direct Store Delivery Waffle Program. Our commitment means making the program work for you; our bakers and dispensers are provided at no additional charge with the exclusive use of Heartland Waffles mixes, and all repair services and maintenance requests you require are provided directly by Interior Beverages. It’s that easy.

With the Heartland Full-Service Direct Store Delivery Waffle Program, you will have dependable waffle bakers and high-quality waffles without the cost and time involved in making waffles from scratch. Whether you serve waffles in the morning or 24 hours a day, Heartland’s industrial waffle bakers will handle the demand.

We have the following flavours available to make your waffle program successful: Malted Vanilla, Multi Grain, Cinnamon, Blueberry, Oatmeal Almond, Strawberry, Harvest Grain as well as Gluten Free waffle mixes. We sell the syrup too.

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